Cat Behavioral Consultations

We can teach / help your cat learn the following:

  • Appropriate play
  • Litter box care
  • Kitten behavior
  • Geriatric behavior changes
  • Environmental enrichment

We can help with the following behavior issues:

  • Inappropriately defecating and urinating outside the litter box
  • Aggression towards owners and other cats
  • Fear, not adapting well to new environments
  • Anxiety and over-grooming
  • Inappropriate scratching

Dr . Bonder is trained in behavior modification techniques and can help guide you through treating your cat’s behavior problem. We can also prescribe supplements such as Feliway and Zelkene or medications to help reach a resolution faster.

Dr. Bonder will be collaborating with Julie Poslum who has a M.Sc. in Cognitive and Behavioral Ecology to provide a more in-depth behavioral consultation, either in the clinic or in your home. We also provide a variety of handouts for many behavioral issues found in cats.