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We are the only cat only animal hospital in Toronto

We are cat lovers ourselves and understand how stressful it can be to take your cat to the vet. So, we have focused on providing a clean, calm and dog free environment that makes your cat comfortable.


A Vet Who Listens


You'll Love Our Cat Doctor,

Dr. Melanie Bonder

Our clinic strives to decrease the stress level for you and your cat.

This is how we do it.

  • We use the Feliway Diffuser which has a natural pheromone that we use in our clinic to help reduce stress in cats.
  • We use stress - free handling techniques such as, the "cat burrito" where we wrap a towel around your cat, no scruff handling and sometimes, the use of sedation for those very nervous patients. Dr. Bonder will  prescribe the "happy pill" for your cat and you can give it to your cat before you come to the clinic, so you and your cat can have a stress free experience at your vet visit. 
  • We do all the medical procedures in the exam room, with the owners so you can soothe and comfort your cats.
  • We use special compounded drugs for easy administration for our feline patients, as we understand how difficult it is to pill your cat.


Office Visits



Cat Experts

From routine health care to urgent medical issues, cats’ needs vary throughout their lives. Dr. Bonder can help no matter what life stage your cat is in. We focus on the general well-being of your cat, which includes a “head to toe” physical exam, wellness blood work and a nutritional evaluation. We offer vaccines, only if your cats lifestyle requires them, which is assessed for each individual cat.

We offer House Calls Visits for those Special Cats


Full Service
Dental care

Feline Dentistry

Plaque and tartar buildup can cause serious health issues if left untreated. Dr. Bonder is highly trained in cat dentistry and performs everything from cleanings, x-rays and dental extractions.

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Cat Grooming


Kitty Pampering


Is your cat matted? We offer cat grooming services including  a lions’ cut, dematting, brush out and conditioner and nail trims.  Keeping your cats feeling & looking good.


Cat-Only Boarding


A Cozy

Bed & Breakfast

Next time you go out of town, why not treat your cat to their own luxurious get-away? Our boarding facilities are quiet, cozy, and always bark-free.

Cats are unique, their care should be too!

Please take a moment to watch our video as to why you should choose us as your cat only veterinarian clinic!

“Amazing, high quality care... I highly recommend Dr. Bonder if you are looking for a veterinarian that really cares! “
— Elizabeth D. on Google+