About Us

Cat Lovers Before it was Cool!

The Cat Dream Team! Dr. Bonder, Michelle, Melanie and Jackie!

The Cat Dream Team! Dr. Bonder, Michelle, Melanie and Jackie!

Founded for cat lovers.
run by cat lovers

Established by Dr. Melanie Bonder, The Downtown Toronto Cat Clinic was found on the belief that cats (and their owners), deserve a higher level of care than your traditional dog and cat hospital.

We have a team of technicians and veterinarians who are totally cat oriented. This makes for a calm environment, where we can provide your cat truly exceptional care.

Our mission is to provide our cat patients individualized, compassionate care so that they can enjoy a long and happy life.

Clean. Quiet and Stress-Free!


Our staff love cats and we passionately believe they deserve the best possible treatment and care. We have created an environment where our patients are comfortable being treated away from the smell and sound of dogs - their natural predator. This is is not only less stress on them and you, but helps us make a quicker and more accurate diagnosis.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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Dr. Bonder is amazing. She has been so sweet and saved my cat’s life and also saved me money. She has gone so out of her way to help me and my cats, even helping me during her personal time over email or phone calls. Everyone is so caring.
— Rachel
I am so happy my husband and I found the Downtown Toronto Cat Clinic to provide end-of-life care for our geriatric kitty, Maxie. ...
Dr. Bonder and her team’s professionalism truly facilitated Maxie’s last moments to be as stress-free as possible. When we are ready to adopt again, we will definitely be regulars with the Downtown Toronto Cat Clinic and highly recommend the quality veterinary care they provide.
— Diana
After the recent experience I had at the Downtown Toronto Cat Clinic, I have nothing but positive things to say about Dr. Bonder and her wonderful staff. When my 15 year old cat Rachel was in need of emergency medical care, the team at the Downtown Toronto Cat Clinic was kind and understanding from the start. The level of care and concern that Rachel received was absolutely unmatched by any other veterinarian that I have experienced. Dr. Bonder has an understanding for the specific needs of cats and treats them with kindness, love, and respect. I would recommend Dr. Bonder to anyone who loves their cat, and wants the best care possible. The total cost was extremely reasonable and I honestly feel that Dr. Bonder and her staff went far and beyond my expectations, and expressed a genuine concern for my cat. I will be happy to return to the clinic for all of my future feline veterinary needs.
— Kaitlynn
I was concerned about the plaque buildup on my cats teeth and this vet seemed well reviewed so I figured I’d give them a chance. Previously I had gone to a different vet who always seemed rushed and really didn’t treat my cat the way I’d like. Not the case here. Dr Bonder is definitely the best vet I’ve dealt with and makes every effort to make the experience good for the cat and the owner. And my cat is not at all easy to deal with, he’s big and really doesn’t like being restrained. He’s much happier cat now. These procedures take a lot of training and expensive equipment, I’m not going to risk the health of my animals for the sake of a few dollars. Especially when there are places like this that offer great service at still reasonable prices.
— Erik